#### *Effective 7/1/20* Lakeside Neurocare has merged with SSM. Call [920-923-5526](tel:9209235526) for your neurology needs.
#### *Effective 7/1/20* Lakeside Neurocare has merged with SSM. Call [920-923-5526](tel:9209235526) for your neurology needs.
Our services

Brainwave Testing

EEG Testing

The electroencephalogram (EEG), or brain wave, is a written record of the brain’s electrical activity. It is used to assist in the investigation of symptoms related to the Central Nervous System, i.e., seizures, blackouts, dizziness, headaches, confusion, or behavior problems. An instrument called an electroencephalograph registers tiny bits of electrical brain activity then prints them as wavy lines on a moving strip either on paper or on a CD. The entire test is painless and takes about an hour.

Ambulatory EEGs

Lakeside Neurocare is proud to offer this innovative service. When this study is ordered by your physician, our technician will hook the electrodes to the patient in our office on appointment. The patient will then go home with the electrodes on them. The patient will be instructed on how to operate the recording device, which is very simple. The patient will also be required to keep an activity log. At the end of recording time, the patient will come to the office to have the electrodes removed, and our physician will interpret the results to provide insight into the nature of their spells. The recording duration will be anywhere from 24-72 hours.

Video EEGs

Understanding epilepsy has been greatly advanced by video – EEG Monitoring, which allows prolonged simultaneous recording of the patient’s behavior and the EEG. Seeing EEG and video data at the same time permits precise correlation between seizure activity in the brain and the patient’s behavior during seizures. This is all accomplished in the patient’s home environment.