Know The Signs Of Dementia

Many things can cause dementia, and its effects can be devastating for loved ones to witness. It is important to know the signs of dementia so that you can get help for yourself or a loved one before it progresses. In order for a person to receive a dementia diagnosis, the individual must be experiencing difficulty in at least two of the following areas.

Language Problems

Dementia may cause language impairments, where people struggle to communicate and express themselves. It may also impair conversation, as individuals cannot find the right words and they may speak very slowly as they try to communicate.

Memory Issues

An early warning sign of dementia is often memory problems and memory loss, where individuals cannot remember daily events. Often, their memory about past events is clear while the temporary memory is most affected.


Individuals who may have dementia often become confused and may forget where they are going, what task they were completing or even forget a friendly face.

Changes in Behavior and Mood

Often, individuals with possible dementia may experience changes in mood and behavior. People who were once introverted may become much more outgoing, or normally cheery individuals may become depressed and withdrawn.
This list is not comprehensive, but it can give you a good idea of what to look for if you suspect dementia. Visiting a neurologist is the best way to help you know for sure what may be causing an individual to experience mental distress. To learn more about the signs of dementia, call Lakeside Neurocare Limited at 920-223-5580.

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