Understanding Vagus Nerve Stimulation Monitoring

Vagus nerve stimulating is a relatively new procedure that has the potential to do many good for people who suffer from regular seizures. How it works is that mild electrical pulses are sent to the brain through the vagus nerve.

What Is the Surgery Like?

For these pulses to be sent, a device needs to be implanted underneath the skin. This makes the device something similar to a pacemaker. The device is implanted on the chest. In total, it will take about 90 minutes for the surgery to finish. Most doctors will require you to spend the night at the hospital so that you can be monitored. This is to ensure that the device took properly.

Who Is Eligible?

People who frequently get seizures have the most to gain from this surgery. Certain medications are available to prevent seizures, and most people get a prescription first before this treatment. In the event the medication is not helping, a person will likely qualify for the surgery.
You can customize how often pulses are sent. You will likely find that you are not even aware of when the device is sending pulses, so it will not affect your day-to-day life. A neurologist will be able to tell you more about the procedure and if you qualify for it, call Lakeside Neurocare Limited at 920-223-5580.

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