Four top Reasons to see a Neurologist

neurologist is a doctor specializing in the field of central nervous system issues, including problems with the brain, muscles, and nerves. Here are some of the main symptoms you may experience to merit a visit to the neurologist’s office.

Dizziness or Problems With Movement
If you are experiencing frequent dizziness or prolonged problems with movement, it may be indicative of a neurological issue. Dizziness may look like excessive vertigo or lack of balance. Movement problems include sudden and jerky motions, uncharacteristic clumsiness, and tremors.
Intense Seizures
Seizures vary greatly in intensity and length. For those who suffer particularly severe seizures or experience them often, a neurologist can offer insight on the underlying issue and work toward finding a solution.
Problems Sleeping or Sudden Vision Issues
Sleep can be particularly elusive for some, but sometimes a sleep issue can be caused by a neurological disorder. Likewise, vision issues can typically be solved by going to an eye doctor, but if you notice an immediate vision change, you may want to see a neurologist instead.
Headaches and Memory Problems
Intense, chronic headaches can mean a neurological issue, especially if the headache causes symptoms such as nausea or vision loss. Unusual memory issues like a changed personality or perpetual confusion may also be attributed to a neurological disorder.
Talk to your doctor about your symptoms today to find out if you need to visit a neurologist. To be seen in Oshkosh, call Lakeside Neurocare Limited at 920-223-5580.

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